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About Davison Software

The Author and Developer

  • Hands-on maintenance and operations background.
  • Plant manager and superintendent for municipal water treatment.
  • Technician for Engineering and contract operations.
  • Software developer in a large corporations.
  • Developed Davison CMMS and PredictMATE®

Paul Davison started hands-on in maintenance management as a certified operator and plant manager for water treatment. He worked for engineering and contract operations firms as a technician, operations coordinator, and trainer. He has several years of full-time experience in programming for a corporation with enterprise databases.

He has supported and developed computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) since 1986. Davison Software was established in 1991.

Paul combined plant management experience and programming skill to develop the Davison Maintenance CMMS and PredictMATE ®. He continues to apply this combination of skills for engineering support and CMMS implementation.

Third Party Software

Built-in reports are supported with R&R ReportWorks Lite, purchased from Liveware Publishing, Inc.

Handheld software is powered by HanDBase Professional for Palm OS and the Image Plugin. Davison Software has a run-time license, so no key codes are required as the handheld software installs to a handheld device (PDA).


Our CMMS and PredictMate programs are intended for stand alone and local network usage. However, they can run unlimited in Remote Desktop Services. We focus on an efficient deployment of the program where user access is controlled.
   - Some users only need a work request window.
   - Managers go directly to their review and reporting.
   - Only a few administrative users need full access.
I am motivated to give a system with the least user seats and minimal need for training.

Data can be updated to central corporate locations either by uploading backup data in ZIP files or by replication to a reporting server where all remote sites are separated by a site code.

Full documentation is provided with the software.

Enterprise versions of our CMMS and PredictMate will not replace the current programs. A DOS version of the programs from 1991 was later replaced about 2000 with the current Windows version. We update core libraries and 3rd party software continuously.

One client asked me in 2000 if the current program would always be supported and if he would be forced to upgrade to another version at a later time. At the time of this writing in 2017 I plan on developing and supporting Davison Maintenance CMMS and PredictMate ® at least another 10 years. The program will be easy for others to support or convert to another system. - Paul Davison

Development and support of this web site is provided by Kevin Davison.


We appreciate the many suggestions from users. Several maintenance professionals have contributed to this application. Predictive maintenance items are developed in cooperation with J.T. Wilcox, Wilcox Consulting, Inc.

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