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Annual support includes a subscription to software updates. Subscribers can download upgrades any time. This update is compatible with versions of Davison Maintenance back to July 2000.


The most recent version is January 2018.
Every update contains improvements or fixes not documented here.
Updates include core libraries and 3rd party updates.

  • Updates in January 2018:
    Regular maintenance for beginning of year.
    Android documentation shows a work around when text wraps to only two characters in a note field.

  • Updates in November 2017:
    In Equipment Relations (Hierarchy) the print button is simplified to output to NotePad for printing.
    Android documentation states that transfer is simpler with an OTG cable, using a replaceable drive.

  • Updates in August 2017:
    In Vendors, a button is added to change a vendor for an order.

  • Updates in December 2016:
    Location code length expanded to 40 in order to accomodate import from other systems.

  • Updates in October 2015:
    Press Ctrl-Tab to move to the next primary data browser.
    User manual was updated to on-line documentation.

  • Updates in August 2015:
    Added a menu item for entering personnel hours, one person for many work orders. The menu item is added to the Work Orders menu as "Personnel Actual Hours for Work Orders". This is intended for personnel hours from time cards.

    Fixed a rare issue where no personnel hours exist for a work order and actual hours was not changed to zero with the command "Sum costs for work orders".

  • Updates in March 2015:
    Changes in PM Work Orders menu for a simple understanding of the PM routine.
    The documentation for PM Basic Routine is updated.
  • Updates in November 2014:
    Memory leak fixed in the common Get_Many() dialogs.
    This was never reported as an issue, but was discovered recently.
    These windows are usually viewed with an OK and Cancel button with a few lines of text and other input prompts.

    Reports repeat tittle at bottom of page with page number.
  • Updates in October 2014:
    Cost Summary report is now corrected so that equipment subtotals only show when more than one component within an equipment has costs.
  • Updates in September 2014:
    Log files for last text import or export.
    Updates to hidden utilities for support by developer.
    Daily backup command by scheduler is simplified.
    Source for reports is removed since all source is available.
  • Updates in August 2014:
    Source code is available.
    Upon request, licensed users receive source code for application DLLs for windows, logic, reports, and special programs. You can change and compile this source code.

    Also, Reports and Android handheld databases can be changed by any user.
  • Updates in July 2014:
    Changed program logic for assigning the default closing date for PM in bulk commands.
    Updated options for printing and closing PM no more often than monthly instead of weekly.

    PredictMate: Now puts equipment code and long equipment name to software for vibration meter for an exact relation with equipment and work orders in CMMS/PredictMate.

    Replications via ODBC: Now faster with more utilities for administrators to quickly check and recreate data that is copied/replicated to a reporting server.

    Fixes to progress bar display.
    Changes for backup/restore of .log and config files.
    Updated library from MarshallSoft for email.

  • Updates in June 2014:
    The Work Summary and Equipment Costs reports now re-calculate costs directly from related hours and inventory costs. You do not need to sum costs in Work Orders before running these reports.

    PM Personnel costs default to the Craft Cost/Hour if no other hours are entered, but first by the Assigned To person cost/hour.

    When selecting crafts for PM, only crafts with PM tasks will show.

    More about PDF file attachments. See "Reports" button, "PDF Attachments". See "Attachments" in the Work Orders "Find" menu.

  • Updates up to May 2014:

    Updates for Android hand held devices.

    In the Work Summary Report, the terms "Overdue" are changed to "Age after Due Date" or "Deferred".

    In the Scheduled Work window, a utility, "Change PM Start Date to End of Month", is added to "Actions, Change All ..."

    Adjusting the scheduled date to the same day of week as the PM Start Date is now an option. See the new checkbox in the Setup window: "Adjust to Day of week".

    For monthly PM scheduling:
    - Enter a PM Due date of last day of the month.
    - Do not check "Adjust to Day of week".

  • Updates up to March 2014:

    Many updates and bug fixes with projects.
    Replication now accomodates Oracle bulk insert limit, plus other updates for replication to Oracle database.
    Labor hours entry with cost factor is simple and easier to understand. Documentation is changed.

  • Updates completed August 2013:

    A pick list was added for selecting many personnel for a work order. Now personnel can be picked by craft.

    The Work Summary now has charts. The Equipment Summary now has From/To dates and shows Break Downs.

    Labor Cost documentation is changed. Cost factor is no longer supported, and not needed. All Hourly Cost fields function as before. If Hourly Cost is empty, cost is found from Personnel or Craft.

    Reports Button now includes: Repeat Last Report.
    Equipment, Reports, Troubled Equipment: Now prompts for many causes.
    Equipment, Reports, Equipment Summary: Now prompts for From/To dates.

    Windows 8 compatibility. Report dates and currency symbol controled from applicaiton.
    Improved search window for multiple search of AND/OR queries.

    Arabic support (non-unicode) for work order descriptions and all related reports.
    Option for numbering PM work orders beginning either "Z" or zero.

  • Updates completed to July 2013:

    Many updates too numerous to list here due to projects.

  • Updates completed March 2013:
    Windows 8 compatibility
    Arabic non-unicode entry and reports for work descriptions and PM tasks.

    To Change Many Codes, added: PM Groups, Work Orders
    Utility to remove one or many identical PM groups to another.

  • Updates completed February 2013:
    Faster data entry using less memory.
    No longer is there separate View, Add, Edit windows.
    Many updates after testing.

    More utility options for importing data from text files and custom imports.
    More options for calling movie and sound files related to equipment and other browsers.
    Resolved slow display in a choice box, only a problem on netbook computers.

  • Updates completed January 2013:
    Several updates for import via ODBC and for custom data conversion from other systems.
    Improved the viewer for ODBC data.
    Added an Audit Trail that works about the same as Replication.
    Updated documentation for ODBC Replication.
    Updates to email. Improved decoding Base64.
    Image cropping by batch added in Image compress window.

  • Updates completed November 2012:
    Week number displayed with selection of PM Start Date.
    Allow blank class ID in equipment editing.
    Allow PM frequencies of 6 through 9 years.
    Changes for unlocking the application on a network.

  • Updates completed October 2012:
    Updates to Help system and fitting window to small sized monitors.
    PM Scheduling simplified with a command to close all PM Ready work orders.
    Drag and Drop of image files from any folder to the Image View in any window.

  • Updates completed September 2012:
    Updates to Email, Remote updates, and GPS marking maps.

  • Updates completed August 2012:
    Updates for asset management.
    Options for Parent/Child relation. Allowing an External Parent ID in Unit Relations, which is not a unit in the CMMS. Such Parent IDs are facility assets, not managed by this CMMS, but are parents to equipment assets in this CMMS. These Parent IDs are entered in the CMMS or imported from a spreadsheet to Unit Relations.
    Revisions for equipment classification.
    More for import and export of asset information.
    Added a rehabilitation date for the equipment replacement report.
    Fixed: In View-only mode reports were slow or not possible.
    Improved archive of equipment and work orders.

  • Updates completed July 2012:
    Click on a map to find equipment in the CMMS. GPS coordinates relate to Equipment. Any JPG map or drawing can serve as a map or building floor plan.
    Click here for PDF document

    Fixed a problem when setting the option "Calendar PM tasks due only this week..."

  • Updates completed June 2012:
    Handheld/Mobile devices with Windows CE (Windows Mobile, Pocket PC) are now supported.
    Now you can use both Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices from the same system.
    The Windows CE version is a single-step transfer with the Mobile device connected.
    No additional software is needed, except ActiveSync for Windows XP or WMDC for Window 7.

    Handheld documentation updated and separated for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices.
    All handheld screens re-organized and updated.
    Custom on-screen numberpad added to Parts Inventory.

    HTML Email is converted to text for work orders when multi-format is not available.

  • Updates completed May 2012:
    Changed the appearance at startup with larger buttons and other cosmetics.
    No initial splash screen.
    Documentation and handling updates.
    Client windows maximize is disabled without a flicker as before. Image refresh is improved.
    Email: Better handling of errors with stunnel proxy server.

    Simplified handheld configuration so that configuration file, HandHeld.INI, is located only in data folder.
    Updated installation and documentation for Handheld Transfer, Handheld HotSync.
    Added an export of ID codes for bar code labels. See the Reports menu for Equipment, Parts, PredictMate.

    New utility program for unlocking copy protection.

  • Updates completed April 2012:
    Email for work orders: More options. Some options corrected.
    A parts list is now included in an email work order that is sent.
    Added an option to remove lines with phrases from incoming mail.
    When browsing email headers the viewed text is improved with email source removed.
    Updated email 3rd party MarshallSoft to version 7.1
    Improved window for viewing multiple-line text from Mail and other browsers.

  • Updates completed March 2012:
    Updated email for work orders.
    Microsoft online Outlook.com is now supported.
    Improved handling. Email configuration separated to menu.
    Updated 3rd party email from MarshallSoft, Stunnel proxy server.
    Several other improvements to email for work orders.

  • Updates completed February 2012:
    Easier reference to (and selection for) PDF files from any note field. PDF Files related to the CMMS are best stored in a new folder ...\Data\PDF\.
    Right-click on file names in the note field.
    This menu now calls internal text and image viewer for .TXT and .JPG.

    Improved user login setup and documentation. See File, User Login, Browse User Setup.

  • Updates completed January 2012:
    Improved installation program.
    Improvements to utility programs: Check indexes, Shut down network users, other.
    If the PM Interval is incremented the same day, the same work order is reopened with new interval.

    The Help system is converted from Windows 32 help (.HLP) to PDF files. The help system in PDF files is compatible backward and forward with XP and Win7. The PDF files are better for many reasons.

  • Updates completed December 2011:
    Equipment can be related by Parent/Child. A new tool has a table and additional windows for setting up Parent/Child for Units. A new tree view window displays this relation. Equipment reports can now be sorted by tagging Parent/Child.
    The "Find Eq" button in tree view finds equipment in Tree View from the Browser. Several other commands added in the tree view.

    Added to email from Work Orders: CC BCC
    In Vendors, image names are now related by Vendor Code, not Vendor Name.
    A tool in the Actions menu can change image names if needed: Images, Rename old ...

    A debug option only tags records with Sh-F3 validation. No stopping for alert messages.

  • Updates completed November 2011:
    Prompt for minimum Scheduled date in Work Order Plan Chart.
    Updates to several user prompts, equipment import, PM scheduled date.
    Work Order buttons and colors improved.
    If creating a Ready PM work order and a Project Status existed for the task, another Ready work order was created. This did not occur for most users.
    The menu command "Print PM Ready Work Orders" prints all crafts, regardless of previous craft selection in other PM windows.
    Improved debugging window and messages for data upgrade.
    Some PM Setup options were moved to Temporary PM Printing Options in the reports menu. This simplifies the PM Setup window.

    Added a tool to change codes in many records including related tables for Equipment and Parts.
    This tool was not previously available to users, but now is more user-friendly.

    PM tab removed from Equipment window since the fields are redundant in the PM Window.
    Equipment readings for PM moved to a separate data browser in the PM menu.

  • Updates completed October 2011:
    Print PM Ready work orders: Improved prompt for latest Due date.
    Previously the default prompt was not always the latest Due date.

    Improved display of Scheduled date in PM Tasks Due window.
    Improved cosmetics in PM Setup, highlighting affect of Calendar PM tasks due only this week.
    Utility to check indexes. See Index, Tools.

  • Updates completed September 2011:
    Improvements to email for work orders.
    Now many tagged work orders can send to a recipient.
    Email address automatically from Assigned To in work ordrs.

    Improved color settings.
    Improved methods for user-defined columns.
    Previous data browser restores automatically - configurable.

    Simplified some settings for PM scheduling. Changes in Scheduled PM windows.
    Now part group code changes will change in related Equipment, Work Orders, PM Tasks.
    Priority column added in Equipment. Improved editing in Text to Insert.

  • Updates completed August 2011:

    Import from Excel for basic information for equipment, parts, PM tasks, Predictive data.
    Empty Excel files are provided from Davison Systems LLC. Other imports from text files are more detailed, and usually require support. Instead this allows adding many rows where people are not familiar with Davison CMMS. You can import from the Excel file from a standard menu selection.

    Import from Excel (.XLS) added to Direct Costs menu in Equipment. Users can add columns to their Excel sheet for specific calculations.

    Replacement Costs report in the Equipment Window.
    This report accumulates current or projected cost for annual replacement of equipment.
    The data browser allows data entry with interactive calculation of remaining years, replacement year, and projected price.
    This can provide data for an additional report, the Replacement Fund Schedule, which is specific to a facility. It compares replacement cost with available funds.
    Click here for PDF document

  • Updates completed July 2011:

    More updates to email for work orders after testing with customer.
    More efficient screen display at startup.

  • Updates completed June 2011:
    A new menu item is added to the Work Order "Find" button.
    Active Work Orders - FILTER TO
    Craft, Assigned To, Requested By, Approved By, Cause

    Work Order printed date now prints every page on right at bottom.

    More updates to email for work orders.
    Improved cosmetics and handling in all email windows.

  • Updates completed May 2011:

    Updated all programs for work order requests and updates via email, from the "Email" button in:
    - Work Orders for work requests from email (workrequests AT myserver.com).
    - Equipment, Work Orders for work order updates (workorders AT myserver.com).

    New 3rd-party email client from MarshallSoft.

    See new documentation for the May 21 2011 version or later:
    Work requests via email (PDF)

    Work order updates via email (PDF)

  • Updates completed April 2011:

    Several updates for a simplified weekly PM routine.
    Emphasized use of PM Ready Work Orders for simple PM scheduling.
    Updated user login and work order view by user.
    Simplified Work Order hour entry.

    See April 2011 updates in Tutorial Videos

  • Updates completed March 2011:
    New program for uploading support and backup data to web site with one click from desktop shortcut.
    Improved Updating from a Remote Data Folder.
    Shortcuts for DS Copy _TO_ USB Drive and DS Update _FROM_ USB Drive.

    Rearranged report menus in Equipment, Work Orders, Component PM.
    An image in the clipboard now can be pasted to the image for a record.
    Parts list added to Corrective Brief Work Order list.

    PM Task filters are displayed better from a window, now from the Find menu.
    A menu selection is added to Due PM for only Daily Weekly tasks.

  • Updates completed February 2011:
    Updates to PM Group selection from PM Task Setup.
    Fixes to moving column and other right-click commands in data browser.
    New utility to compare between current data and previous backups. This is used by Davison support, but is available to clients.

    In the Component PM, PM Tasks window, the Scheduled date now refreshes as expected. Previously it only refreshed with record movement. Other Component PM fixes.
    Now when the Edit button is pressed from a View-only window the new window opens with the same tab page as shown in the View-only window.

    Automatic PM Scheduling. Preventive Maintenance (PM) work orders are created automatically from the Windows Scheduler or equivalent scheduler. See Help, Preventive Maintenance Groups, Automatic PM Scheduling. This was previously installed only as a custom option, but now this is available.

    Corrected report for Personnel Weekly Hours.
    Added an optional output of reports called: Text output of last report table. This is a simple output of temporary report data for text or Excel.
    Re-arranged the Environment menu.

    In PredictMate the graph, Trend Analysis, now has a Reload button. The new Reload button is next to the Close button at the upper left. This allows a quick reload of any data that has been added by network users or SCADA.
    However, for practical updates, a graph is not required. Just run the Alarm Report or tag equipment with alarms.

  • Updates completed January 2011:
    Select equipment for a PM Group from PM Task Setup.
    Improved email to and from work orders.

    Improved commands for right-click on data browser - Go To and Move columns.

    Added to Work Orders, Actions menu: Fix PM Work Orders
    This offers fixes from data entry or PM task changes:
    - Fix Scheduled Date Too Early
    - Tag WOs not related to a current PM task
    - Remove duplicate PM Task from WO Description
    Click here for PDF document

    See January updates in Tutorial Videos

  • Updates completed December 2010:
    Component PM Window
    Check the "No" column for no PM scheduling for a component. If the "Out" (Unit Out of Service) column is not checked, then only the components checked in the "No" column are omitted from scheduling. This is intended for spare components that do not need preventive maintenance.

    Improved work order formats. Added "Brief" work order format, plain with less information in three work order forms.
    Equipment reports also improved format.
    Corrected graphs for sum of PM hours and count where no data exists.
    Added report to Print All PM as if all was scheduled.
    Improved the "Simple" PM window. Added a column to indicate Due PM.

    Improved data upload via email.
    See December updates in Tutorial Videos

  • Updates completed November 2010:
    Troubled Equipment (Breakdown) report, based on work order Cause.
    Select: Equipment, Reports, Troubled Equipment.

    Weekly Hours report
    Select: Personnel Information, Reports, Weekly Hours

    Simple edit window from Component PM:
    Displays only Unit and Component code, PM Group
    Prompt for PM Start Date: List of weeks ending Saturday for user to select.

    PM Task Setup window is now divided into three tabs with common items on the first tab.

    Work order add: Current time as option, not default.
    "Hours" button for WO: Default date same as WO completion if completed.
    Sum of PM hours: New temporary sort order by PM Start Date to find equipment scheduling that is centered to a week of the year. Click on the "PM Start Date" header in the Scheduled PM window.

  • Updates completed October 2010:
    Fixed: Changing PM frequency in tasks from the Scheduled PM window, now changes the latest PM work order for that task for every equipment in the PM group. Previous to this fix this worked in the PM Task Setup, but not in Scheduled PM window.

    This keeps a previous completed work order for the changed frequency. The same as before, all PM work orders before the latest work order are not changed, keeping a history of the PM completed at the original frequency.

  • Updates completed September 2010:
    Custom addition as requested:
    Automate PM Ready Work orders for selected PM Groups, run from the Windows scheduler or equivalent scheduler. Select PM Groups for automated PM by checking the "Auto" column the PM Groups window.

  • Updates completed August 2010:
    Easier search on Unit Description. Click on column header.
    Now USB drive remote program is updated automatically when copying from host to remote.
    More PM lists - brief versions
    Log file is created after scheduled indexing - IndexJob.log

  • Updates completed July 2010:
    Added a selection of Simple or Detailed preventive maintenance (PM):
    Now it is easier to print and close PM.

    Handheld (PDA) work orders now show preventive maintenance tasks on Ready PM work orders.
    A "Close WO" button is added to work order windows for easier closeout during work order editing.
    Improved report selection and Installation check.
    Easier connect to support from help menu.
    User login is now retrieved from the Windows desktop user by default.
    Background login of all users. This builds a table of users before user rights are assigned.
    Latest time of login and logout for each user shown.
    A different user can now login within the application.
    Documentation updated for user login.
    Other improvements to application login.

  • Updates completed June 2010:
    More updates for importing data from Excel .XLS worksheets, specifically for custom data entry.
    The Change equipment button in work orders now only affects Corrective work orders.
    Application close or shutdown times out if user is not available to press Yes or No.
    Installation check:
    Checks for .$$ files remaining. Files with .$$ extension are created when older files cannot be overwritten.
    Checks if program EXE is opened by another user and provides a simple shutting down of all users.

  • Updates completed May 2010:
    Improved data import from Excel. Work around for "Numeric Field Overflow" from Excel. See the tutorial "Links from Excel spreadsheet".
    Improvements to Remote Update from USB drive.
    Added a tree view to PredictMate units window.

  • Updates completed April 2010:

    Indexing can be scheduled during off times when users are not in the program.Copy ...\DmSystem\jobs\IndexData.job to the windows scheduler and modify.
    User logins are recorded in the background to file "Users_.dbf". Review this table in "File, User Login, Browse User Logins".
    The Remote Update from USB drive (or other remote drive) is updated with more options, especially for handling work orders remotely. An "Import" button is added to work orders. Also see "File, Import" if you have the remote update option.

  • Updates completed March 2010:

    PredictMate: Added utility data browsers in the Tools menu for Equipment Limits and Readings, all records.
    Fixed a bug when selecting the date range for a trend graph. Previously a selection for alarger date range returned no data.
    Easier entry of default limits in the Reading Types window. Now default limits can be assigned more easilywithout entering limits for every equipment.
    View alarms by record when browsing.
    An alarm must be greater than maximum limit. It was previously equal or greater than. This allows readings equal to the limit to pass as not an alarm. Users were entering limits equal to the past reading, and therefore causing false alarms.
    Option for no alarm with forecasted limit. Some forecasts were from past data with a forecasted date far in the past. This was causing a false alarm.
    Prompt the userfor latest date, so that old alarms do not cause a false alarm.

    PM work orders are now allowed Project status, intended for Ready PM work orders thatpostpone a PM task.

  • Updates completed February 2010:
    Parts list cost total by extended quantity X price.
    Equipment PM Note prints with Ready PM work order.
    Installation and web account improvements.
    Fixed lockup when sending mail.
    Improved response to empty data folder when installing to network or other empty folder.

  • Updates completed January 2010:
    File upload compatibile with new web site.
    Added note field for each personnel hour record.
    Added window to close Work Orders by Assigned user.
    Removed States table - not needed.
    Equipment browser improved.
    Updated WO Requests by Equipment.
    Additional search options.
    Improved tree view of equipment.
    Change equipment button added to Work Orders.
    Select fields in text file export.
    Remote Update warns of changed key codes.

  • Updates completed December 2009:
    Improved compatibility with Windows 7
    Added search and GoTo options in PM Groups.
    Simplified equipment entry and changing unit code.
    Equipment in Tree-view improved and by location.
    Simplified Remote and Copy To - Update.
    Additional simple Work Request module.
    Work review by username.
    Select Locations filtered to request window.
    WO hour comments fixed according to date
    Simplified installation on a network.
    Select fields in text file export.

  • Updates completed November 2009:
    Improved work order sending and update from email.
    Simplified commands for creating Ready PM work orders.
    Updated emailing of parts needed.
    Direct or Energy costs to the Equipment Costs report.
    Improved Excel imports. Script for energy data import.
    New Direct Costs data entry in Equipment window.

    Improved email server messages during connection.
    Less time for email timeout, configurable.
    New command to view user fields in data browser.

  • Updates completed October 2009:
    Added Gantt chart for corrective work order planning.
    This chart uses a new Due Date field in work orders.
    Fixed error in Remote Update for PM Work orders.
    Sending email: Added User and Password
    prompts for Authentication.
    Now available: Send many email from special command.
    Improved custom import / export with Excel XLS files.
    Fixed seasonal PM scheduling for international dates.
    Special PM scheduling options now available.
    Utility to compress all JPG image files.
    Romanian translation table - first version.

  • Updates completed September 2009:
    Now possible to make comment for each day of
    personnel hours for work orders.
    Option to run Parts Inventory module only.
    Fixed in Selection window: Exit was not possible
    after special search to bottom.

    Note field for comments each day of personnel hours.
    Work request by location only.

  • Updates completed August 2009:
    Update CMMS and PredictMate from a remote folder.
    This could be a USB Drive or other network folder.
    Find button in more windows.
    Color to column headers for sorting.
    Extended costs displayed with PO Items.

  • Updates completed July 2009:
    Equipment component code length increased to 25.
    Unit code maximum length is 70.
    Improved adding corrective work orders from PM checks.
    Tree view of equipment and related components.
    Improved redisplay of browser buttons when resizing.
    Search and Find menus combined to one menu.

  • Updates completed June 2009:
    Part selection by groups, related in a tree view.
    Tree view from Work Orders or Part Information.
    Tree view requires setup from the parts vendor.
    Part group field length to 15 with related changes.
    User fields can now be sorted.

  • Updates completed Mar 2009:
    Direct import from predictive data simple, improved.
    Import simplified for Equipment, Parts, Work Orders.
    PredictMate Position field increased to length of 10
    with related windows, reports and handheld input.

    Movie files (.WMV) with same name as image called
    from image window. A movie button displays.

  • Updates completed Nov-Dec 2008:
    Parts export (.CSV .TXT) includes related vendor price.

  • Updates completed July-Sept 2008:
    Add with next code in PO.
    PM List showing Completed and Scheduled dates.
    Minor updates for Arabic support.

  • Updates completed in June 2008:
    Date range in Equipment Costs report.
    Bar chart with Equipment Costs report.
    Vendor selection with Parts email.
    Parts email text file with header like report.

  • Updates completed in Mar-May 2008:
    Language support for Arabic.

    Improved calls to reports.
    Copy protection by serial number allowed.
    Fixed equipment reading update from work order.

  • Updates completed in January 2008:
    Now runs copy-protected on a USB drive, able to take
    single-user program on USB drive to different computers.
    Improved search of equipment by location.
    Updated parts inventory reports. Inventory checklist.

  • Updates completed from March 2000 to December 2007
    were removed from this page.
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